Post PDR & Training Week

WE PASSED THE PDR!!! With the fantastically interesting and busy week of the PDR in Oberpfaffenhofen in Germany behind us, we look forward to the mountain of design finalisation and implementation ahead. The experts from the PDR have given us great feedback on lots of different aspects of the project. During the PDR, the mechanical interfaces were discussed as length and lectures and discussions have brought up interesting ideas about the electronics and power as well as recommendations on how to approach the implementation of these systems.

Amidst the post PDR discussion, we recruited two new members to our team bringing us up to 10 members…and counting. As mentioned we have limited experience in software and so two computer science students were found; Larissa Batista Leite who will work on the Graphical User Interface for the ground station at Esrange and data protocols and Tiago de França Queiroz who will work on the microcontroller programming i.e. the embedded systems and the associated control. We are very excited to have the two new members and we know they will fit in well and provide valuable input to the project.


The iSEDE team has also been in contact with the press, having been featured already in the Strathclyde Telegraph. Andrew has also been in discussion with the Scotsman who wish to publish an article about the project with particular focus on the future applications of the project, which is an exciting prospect.

The 5th Year Electrical and Mechanical masters students presented today on the progress of the project to academic staff within the University of Strathclyde. This marks the last formal presentation required for a while so the team can now once again get down to some serious design and testing over the next month or two and start to build an initial prototype…doesn’t that sound exciting :D